1. theblankstate:


    "do you ever get tired out?"

    "umm i dont get tired no"

    "huh aha ha?"

    "yes..no..yeah, no."


    Oh my god his voice. I love him

  2. thewomanfromitaly:



    Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

    Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

    Man what in the FUCK

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  3. girl-in-nike:


    What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse? Would it be taken more seriously? That’s what photographer Richard Johnson hopes to accomplish with his new photo project, “Weapons of Choice.”

    The series uses a makeup artist to put bruises and scars on photo subjects. Embedded in these violent marks are some hateful words typically associated with abuse, such as “Stupid,” “Dumb,” “Trash” and others that are much, much worse.

    What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse

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  4. lacherlich:

    Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
    Withering my intuition leaving all these opportunities behind.

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  5. stephenhawqueen:

    the US is unreal like girls cant wear shorts to school, you can literally lose your job for being gay, and unarmed black children are brutally murdered on the regular but old white ppl r still like “what a beautiful country. i can freely carry a gun for no reason and some of our mountains look like presidents. god bless”

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  7. theblankstate:



    Trent just had a baby
    the doctor tells me
    I just can’t believe it
    Ever the optimistic one
    I’m sure of his ability
    to become a wonderful daddy

    I completely  forgot about this LOL

    A Perfect Circle - Passive & Judith (Jimmy Kimmel Live)



  8. fuckyeahatticusross:

    Mixdown - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

    New Audio from the Gone Girl website. From the file name, and the style changes within, it’s likely this is a mix of more than one track from the soundtrack.

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  9. veryhappyvegan:



    People hate vegans for the exact same reason they hate feminist, because we force them to see how corrupt society is and how they’re all systematically taking part in it.


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  10. theblankstate:



    if you think embarrassing shy people on purpose is funny please do yourself a favor and shove a truck up your ass


    Without lube…